I’ve been designing communications since 1987. An advocate of clarity, common sense and ease-of-use, I can be a bit funny about punctuation. Despite the “Creative” tag, I’m ruthlessly efficient and have been forcing technology to do my bidding since being introduced to an Apple II in school. That said, my favourite tool is a brain.

Larry Hynes

I live in Galway, Ireland. At the brittle age of 19 I was a founder of A&D where I had work featured by An Post and included in the Best of Irish Advertising & Design Awards. For over a decade, spanning three General Managers, three heads of HR and four major shifts in branding, I was lucky enough to work closely with Medtronic Inc. in Galway, for whom I won an ERA Award for Excellence in Recruitment Advertising, which came as a pleasant surprise.

I’ve written and designed print, digital and press for everything from tampons to toroidal transformers, musicians to medical devices. I also make this website, by hand.

These days I’m probably most likely to tell you that a logo isn’t enough any more.

I work with people to ensure that what they’re publishing is adding something to their bottom line and their identity. Because if it’s not, then it’s taking something away.

Getting wet

A lapsed sailor, I’m one of the small number of people who have landed on the tiny islet of Rockall in the North Atlantic and the smaller number who have sailed around Ireland single-handed. (I also once organised - with a lot of help from my friends - a yacht race around Rockall.) I was very involved in the winning entry in the 2008 Round Ireland Yacht Race and chaired Galway Bay Sailing Club’s involvement with the 2009 visit to Galway of the Volvo Ocean Race.

I was secretary and a member of the judging panel of the International Designers Programme, a joint initiative between NUIG and Queen’s University Belfast and I have addressed MBAs and students of marketing. I’ve also been known to try and teach people how to tie knots. (This is an impossible task, as knots can only be learned.)

I am—some might say justifiably—proud of the fact that I once sold out two screenings of a documentary on the Helvetica typeface on a wet January night in Galway.

On a personal note

Creating more than I consume is an aspiration I exercise through photography, calligraphy, gardening and the myriad vagaries of poultry. I’m fortunate to be the human of a German Shepherd / Labrador cross named Leroy and I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of wandering about on mountains.

I am enriched, surprised and humbled by the life of my wonderful son Louie.

Thank you for visiting. May your God, in the fictional words of Stephen Maturin, set a flower upon your head.

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I’m not taking on new projects at the moment.

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