08 January 2013

Make your web design responsive, for now

Responsive web design has come a long way since Ethan Marcotte first proposed it. There are those who say it’s unnecessary, but I’m not one of them.

Responsive web design by Larry Hynes on an iPhone 5

I think that having your website look great on any device is a worthwhile goal. Responsive web design, in a nutshell, is about having a design that responds to the devices on which it is viewed to present your content in a format which suits the device: resize your browser window while viewing this site to see how the content responds.

Responsive web design by Larry Hynes on a Nokia smartphone

Responsive web design can get very intricate, or you can opt to keep it simple. And it’s my preferred way to accommodate the growth in mobile device browsing. You can forget about having separate mobile and desktop sites, and content, and deny yourself the pleasure of having a frivolous “app” for mobile users. Just publish one site, and have it respond to the viewer.

The reason I say “for now” is that we never know what lies around the next internet corner. But, for now, I think you might look seriously at consolidating all of your online publishing at the one address.

If you’re interested, you can delve deeper by purchasing a copy of Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design book.