Design the logo last

Eric Karjaluoto nails it in this piece about logo design and the creation of identity systems; required reading for anyone thinking about “getting a logo”.

531 Designers make their mark, in pixels

What happens when you give designers 40 x 40 pixels in which to express themselves? CONTINUE >

Pixel avatars from Designer News compiled by Larry Hynes.

Martin Healy explores identity and meaning

Contemporary artist Martin Healy explores a particular sort of identity in his works “Fugue” and “Last Man”. I designed this programme for his exhibition. CONTINUE >

The Inhabitant, by Martin Healy. Exhibition programme designed by Larry Hynes.

Messing with your logo is like scribbling on your passport

And you wouldn’t scribble on your passport, would you? Or doodle on your driving license?

It pains me when I see logos that have been stretched or fiddled with beyond recognition. Not because of some designer angst, but because someone is losing money and there’s no need for it.

When you allow your logo to be altered, you’re diluting your identity. And that will cost you money. Because identity is where the bottom line starts.


I made a short presentation at on why you don’t want to use JPEG for your logo. Update: has now been translated into several languages and been visited by more than 500,000 people. Many thanks to all the contributors and those who spread the word.

Advertising is like exercise

Some reliable common sense, from The Ad Contrarian.

A slower web makes for softer identities

Another web is emerging. It's not the explosive, all-singing, all-dancing, in-your-face-with-its-sheer-raw-newness web that we've grown accustomed to. People are disconnecting from connectivity and this, paradoxically, is allowing them to forge deeper, softer connections online and face-to-face. CONTINUE >

Photograph of a cobweb taken by Larry Hynes on a frosty morning.

Online Annual Report No. 2

And I really like this, from Warby Parker.